This will be a simple repository (Not a ranking!) where i will place Movies I liked and not. Possibly, for some of them, Iwill give a brief explaination of my opinion. I hope that this list would be useful for someone that find its taste similar to mine, i think that the most useful part of this list is the ‘no’ part, much more informative, and with more entries, than the ‘yes’ part. This page is useful especially for me, because i can file movies in my mind in a better way and, hopefully, save same neurons for this useless knowledge. A special section about mathematical movies is given and also one aboutKim Ki Duk director.

Unfortunately this is a Yes/Doh/No opinion, if i would have to give marks i would say Yes: 9-10, Doh:6:8, No:1:5, so in practice many good movies will end up in Doh, No. A yes movie is a movie that I could see again and again. A doh movie was just entertaining and a No movie is just… crap.


The departed, Ultraviolet(no brain-action movie be careful), 16 blocks, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Big Trouble in Little China, Forrest Gump, The silence of the lambs, The terminator (I, II), Philadelphia, The lion king, Dersu Uzala, The usual suspects, Interview with The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (definitely one of my favourite), The ten commandaments, the hate, dumbo (for children), Natural Born Killers, american beauty, leon, V for Vendetta, the matrix I, (1997): Brother (Kitano)

(2004): 36 Quai des Orfevres, La rivincita di Natale (italian movie),

2003:La finestra di fronte (Italian Movie)

(1998 ) American History X,


Donnie Darko, The untouchables, a clockwork orange, Bruce Almighty, Brasil, Sin City, Fast and Furious (I, II and III), The Simspons, Transformers, Shrek (I, III, Brothers, Jurassic Park, Dodgeball, The mask, barry lindon, the shining, eyes wide shut, the godfather, schindler’s list, the lord of the rings (I,II and III really, really boring (instead very suggested the book)), Dr Strangelove, Pulp Fiction,Star Wars(I,II,III,IV,V,VI), The Snatch, Taxi Driver, the Graduate, Blade Runner (really boring), The deer Hunter, The terminator (III), Rocky, Back to the future, basic instinct, Sonatine, The Big Lebowsky, Harry Potter(I), Thelma and Louise, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest, Catch me if you can (nice), Bram Stocker Dracula, superman(I-IV), rambo (I-III), Pirates of Caribbean(I,II pure crap) , Batman, Fantastic Four, Toy Story, Indiana Jones (I, II), Bambi, Rainman, night at the museum, underworld, underworld:evolution (good movies however), notte prima degli esami (italian movie), my super ex-girlfriend, the devil wears prada, the prestige (In this movie i discovered Tesla), babel (good indeed), DOA: dead or alive, memoirs of a geisha(good however if you like Japan), Reservoir dogs, Pulp Fiction, four rooms, (in general good movies), the last samurai, from dusk till dawn, batman begins, frankestein junior, crouching tiger hidden dragon, fantastic four, the big silence(very nice idea however and well realized, only for interested), war of the worlds, thank you for smoking(very nice), madagascar, seven swords, star wars(I,II,III,IV,V,VI), the mask, the weather man, the truman show, wasabi, taxxi (I,II), 28 days later, the penguins march, mars attack!, Tim Burton: The nightmare before christmas, Edward Scissorshands, the matrix II, The Exorcist(good however), Taxi Driver

(2010): Sherlock Holmes (nice movie, but it is not doyle’s sherlock holmes). The social network (for real nerds).

(2009): Jennifer’s body. Bastardi senza gloria.

(2008): Indian Jones and the crystal skullthe dark knightkung fu pandaTerminator Salvation,  Monsters vs Aliens, Kung fu Panda

(2007): evan almighty(nice), I am legend (horror be careful), Ratatouille

(2006):little miss sunshine (not so bad)

(2005): memoirs of a geisha

(2004):Alien Vs Predator(not so bad),Blade:Trinity, Blade I(II), Constantine, Crimen Perfecto, Deux Freres, Howl Moving Castle, I robot, The legend of sleepy hollow,  La mala educacion, The day after tomorrow, dodgeball (yawn, however Chuck Norris guest appearance), spiderman(I,II), the chronicles of riddick(bore boring borest), The Bourne Identity, Troy, The Terminal

(2003): , Fast And Furious(I,II,III), Basic, Big Fish(pure crap), Confessions of a dangerous mind, Bulletproof Monk(not so bad), japanese story (not so bad), kill bill (I, II), Pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the black pearl (very boring), Lara Croft Tomb Raider: the cradle of life, matrix reloaded, matrix revolution, Lost in Translation, The Last Samurai, Mystic River, Oldboy

(2002) 28 days later, austin power in Goldmember, Blade II, How to loose a guy in ten days, Collateral damage, Dolls, Equilibrium, Harry potter and the chamber of secrets, Hero, Hypercube cube 2, My big fat greek wedding, Treasure Planet, The scorpion king, the lord of the ring the two towers, The legend of Al John and Jack, L’auberge espagnol, ice age, lilo & stitch, Men in black II, minority report, naked weapon, red dragon, repli-kate, spider man, star wars episode II,the bourne identity

(2001) A.I. artificial intelligence, American pie 2, bandits, blow, swordfish, evolution, fast and furious, final fantasy, Harry potter and the philosopher stone, Heartbreakers, a knight’s tale, bridget jones’s diary, the wonderful world of amelie, lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring, lara croft: tomb raider, le fate ignoranti(italian movie), monsters inc., mouline rouge (bleah, musical), mulholland drive (it is not possible to suggest to watch linch), ocean eleven, catch me if you can, scary movie 2, shaolin soccer, shrek, spy game, the experiment, wasabi, the score (2000)

(1999) the astronaut’s wife

(before): the seventh seal


xxx (pure crap), charlie and the chocolate factory(yawn), Chronicles of Riddick (pure crap), 300 (pure crap), Kyashan

2009: The men who stare at goats,   A christmas carol, Queen of the damned

(2003) 21 Grams(awful as xxx)

(2004): InvaXon:Alieni in Liguria (italian movie, terribly boring), Kyashan (really boring), House of Flying Daggers (really boring),

Math Movies

A general comment about Math Movies: unfortunately a movie about Math would not be comprehensible by a lot of people, because of the lot of notion you have to know all around, so usually a movie about Math is a biography or some strange stuff where some guys look like to genius that do incomphrensible stuff, also mathematics in these movies is associated to useless phenomena in nature. This is a lot chagrining for mathematics, so in general i would suggest to not watch this kind of movies.


Pi – mystic mathematics, can’t lose this one


The butterfly effect (didn’t like at all), The proof , A beautiful mind ( however a good movie )

Kim Ki Duk

Poetic director from Korea


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring, 3 – Iron, Bad Guy


Samaritan Girl, The Isle



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